Download Megaman X4 – Rockman X4 (1998)

Rockman X4, known as Mega Man X4 in Japan, is the fourth game from the Mega Man X series. The story is that the Repliforce, a Reploid military organization, has declared war against the Maverick Hunters, and only X and Zero can stop them. However, there is someone behind the Repliforce and their actions, someone very familiar to players of the X series…

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MegaMan X4 is the first to be natively developed for the PSX. The most major of these enhancements, besides the better graphics and sound, is that Zero, X’s partner since the first game, is now fully playable and has his own separate story to follow. X and Zero get different powerups as well; X’s are more traditional, being different weapons with their own ammo counters, while Zero gets techniques that don’t depend on ammo like double-jumping or air-dashing. X is also able to get secret suit upgrades that make fighting easier, while Zero doesn’t have any and has to fight at close range, making playing as him slightly harder, though his Z-saber does a lot of damage.

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