Sasuke Uchiha All Jutsus Mod in GTA San Andreas

Step 1: Download and install GTA San Andreas Cleo 4.3.20 (Select one of the links below)
Mediafire: GTASanAndreasCleo4.3.20.rar
Mega: GTASanAndreasCleo4.3.20.rar
Drive: GTASanAndreasCleo4.3.20.rar
Step 2: Download and install SasukeNoJutsu (Select one of the links below)
Mediafire: SasukeNoJutsu
Mega: SasukeNoJutsu
Drive: SasukeNoJutsu
Step 3: Download and install Alci’s IMG Editor 1.5 (Select one of the links below)
MediaFire: Alci’s IMG Editor 1.5
Mega: Alci’s IMG Editor 1.5
Drive: Alci’s IMG Editor 1.5
Step 4: How to install Sasuke Uchiha All Jutsus Mod in GTA San Andreas

Summon Hawk : W + T (Hold SPACE to speed up, Hold SHIFT to slow down, Press F to end)

Chidori (with Katana): L + J
Chidori : RIGHT MOUSE + 9
Double Chidori: 3
Chidori Raika (Spear) : J + K
Chidori Nagashi (with Katana): M
Amaterasu: RIGHT MOUSE + TAB
Kirin (with Katana): Y + SHIFT

Sharingan: Z
Byakugan: N

Susanoo : 0 {hit 1 (V) hit 2 (N) hit 3 (B)}

Hold SPACE to run faster

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