Ino Yamanaka Combo Tutorial – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst

Dance of the Windflower – Press J repeatedly to attack the opponent
Potpourri Dance – Hold W (Up) Press repeatedly to attack the opponent
Dance of Drooping Flower – Hold S (Down)Press J repeatedly to attack the opponent
Dance of Scattering Flowers – Jump (or midair) + Press J repeatedly to attack the opponent
Fallen Leaf Return – Move (ADW or S) + Press J repeatedly to attack the opponent
Mind Transfer Jutsu – Press M (Block) + J
Flower Bomb – (About 1/3 of chakra) Press L (Chakra Load) once + J
Dancing Petals Flower Garden – (About 2/3 of chakra) Press L (Chakra Load) twice+ Press J

Dance of the Windflower – O, O, O, O, O, O
Potpourri Dance – O, O, O, O, L (up), O, O
Dance of Drooping Flower – O, O, O, O, L (down), O, O
Dance of Scattering Flowers – O, O, O (midair)
Fallen Leaf Return – L (tilt), O, O
Mind Transfer Jutsu – Guard + O
Flower Bomb – Chakra Load + O
Dancing Petals Flower Garden – Ultimate Jutsu Chakra Load + O

Move Up: Press W
Move Down: Press S
Move Left: Press A
Move Right: Press D
Jump: K
Double Jump: Double K (K + K)
Flying Forward: K + K + K
Block: M
Clone Technique: N (After Being Hit)
Shuriken: I
Chakra Load: L
Chakra Charge: Hold L
Chakra Shuriken: L + I
Front Flip: Hold W + Double K
Back Flip: Hold S + Double K
Left Flip: Hold A + Double K
Right Flip: Hold D + Double K
Running Fast: L + K
Ninja Move Style: Hold (ADW or S) + Press K + Hold K +[(A, D, W or S) to move your way]

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